NPK Mining Equipment facility in Elko, NV

About Us


It started with a hammer…

For years before NPK Mining Equipment was even an inkling of an idea, NPK Construction Equipment (NPKCE) was supplying GH2 hydraulic hammers to German mining equipment manufacturer, Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik GmbH.  These specially designed scaling hammers are mounted to Paus mining scalers for underground mining and tunneling applications.

Late in 2013, NPKCE entered into a partnership with Paus agreeing to serve as the dedicated distributor of Paus mining vehicles in the United States and Canada.  While Paus's mining equipment had been well-known across Europe, Russia, and South America for their high quality, purpose built mining vehicles; historically Paus was relatively unknown to the North American mining market.  Since the partnership developed, NPK has been eagerly promoting the Paus brand throughout the region.

In 2018 NPK purchased two additional buildings to expand the mining division:  one in Walton Hills in the same location as their other buildings, the other in Elko, NV.  The Elko facility was opened to serve as the center of operations for NPK's mining division in the west and NPK Mining Equipment LLC was born.  The mining division in Elko also serves additional western states including Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, Wyoming, and western Canada.

The Elko facility doesn't serve only mining customers though.  NPK Mining Equipment LLC also serves as the stocking NPKCE dealer in Nevada providing complete parts, field service, and support for all NPK construction equipment products in Nevada.  Furthermore, this location is an additional NPK distributor outlet providing an additional three hours of phone support and shipping time for NPK dealers out west.

Over the course of several decades, the “NPK” trademark has become a symbol for quality products worldwide.  An earnest commitment to product support permits NPK to maintain a superior level of customer satisfaction.  NPK has always operated under the principle to be responsive & provide exceptional service to all of its dealers and their customers.  NPK continues to hold to these high standards of quality products, support and service as they continue to propel into the mining sector.  Nippon Pneumatic, NPK Europa, NPK Middle East FZCO, NPK Construction Equipment, and now NPK Mining Equipment will continue to expand their market and develop new, innovative products to preserve their position as industry leaders.