Explosives Chargers

Part of NPK's extensive underground mining vehicle line, Paus Explosive Chargers (AKA emulsion or ANFO trucks) use emulsion or the common explosive ammonium nitrate / fuel oil (AN/FO) for maintenance blasting in mines & tunnels. A variety of sizes and configurations are available and all are completely customizable to customers’ needs.

Paus Universa 50 ANFO loader.jpg


Universa explosives vehicles can be equipped with a standard dual pot configuration or as a flat bag storage vehicle with a single smaller pot. Additionally, Universa ANFO loaders / chargers are available as either purpose made ANFO trucks or as part of an interchangeable cassette system.

Paus TSL ANFO truck (1).jpg


The Paus Telescoping Swivel Loader (TSL) is a top choice for use as a multipurpose vehicle as they can be equipped with a quick hitch attachment feature. These vehicles can be utilized for utility work throughout the mine in addition to maintenance blasting.

Paus MinCa 18 ANFO truck (5).JPG


The MinCa ANFO has the advantage in rugged mining conditions due to its robust, innovative suspension. Purpose build for underground mining, the MinCa ANFO has an advanced suspension allowing the operator to maneuver throughout mines quickly, safely, and with full control.