LHD Loaders

The small and maneuverable Paus LHD Loaders have payloads ranging from 1.6 to 9.9 tons and have been working successfully in mining and tunneling operations for many years. These mine loaders boast compact dimensions for optimum use - even in extremely narrow places.

Paus PFL 8 underground lhd mining loader (2).jpg


The Paus PFL 10 is the smallest of the bunch. This model has a payload of 3,300 lbs and a bucket capacity of 1 cubic yard.

Paus PFL 12 front view load haul dump mining vehicle.jpg

PFL 10

The Paus PFL 10 Mine Loader has a payload of 5,500 lbs and a bucket capacity of 1.7 cubic yards.

Paus PFL 18 LHD mining vehicle (1).jpg

PFL 20

The Paus PFL 20 Load Haul Dump has a payload of 8,800 lbs and a bucket capacity of 2.6 cubic yards.

Paus PFL 30 load haul dump mine loader in tunnel.jpg

PFL 30

The Paus PFL 30 is the largest of the LHD Loaders. These trucks have a payload of 13,200 lbs and a bucket capacity of 3.9 cubic yards.