Mine Utility Vehicles

A key part of the mining vehicle line, NPK offers a full range of Paus Mine Utility Vehicles for all types of underground mining applications. Paus's exceptionally well-engineered Underground Mining Vehicles are available with a fixed configuration or with a range of different interchangeable cassettes that can be fitted to a quick-change system.

A variety of standard and custom cassettes are available.
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Paus MinCa 5.1 two-man mine utility vehicle  9-17.jpg

Minca 5.1 LP

The MinCa 5.1 transport vehicle is available with two different configurations:

  • A five seater with loading platform of 1’ 8” x 6’ 3”

  • A two seater with loading platform of 4’ 9” x 6’ 3”

Paus MinCa 18 Water Truck - 2018 (1).jpg

Minca 18 LP

The MinCa 18 is designed for the underground transportation of passengers and materials. The platform concept allows for the all-purpose nature of MinCa underground vehicles. Various cassettes can be fitted onto the basic platform.

Paus Universa 40 mine utility vehicle - crane truck (1).JPG

Universa 40

All Universa utility vehicles are high-quality vehicles with atriculated steering and an excellent payload to weight ratio. They are available either as a fixed configuration or with a range of different cassettes that can be fitted to a quick-change system. The Uni 40, smallest in the Universa line, has a payload of 13,200 lbs.

Paus Universa 50-2 mine utility vehicle - cement mixer.jpg

Universa 50-2

The Uni 50 group is significantly larger than the Uni 40. Due to their increased payload, Uni 50s are capable of handling a wider variety of cassettes. The Uni 50-2 has a payload of 22,000 lbs.

Paus Universa 50 Tire Handler-extended.JPG

Universa 50-2 Tire Handler

This specialized Universa 50-2 is equipped with a cassette designed for hydraulically driven lifting, swiveling, telescoping as well as tilting and turning the tire clamp. Extension: up to 4’ 11”

Paus Universa 50 underground utility vehicle with mobile work platform - scissor deck - edit.jpg

Universa 50-3

The Uni 50-3 is very close in size to the Uni 50-2 but has a bit more weight to the base vehicle. The Uni 50-3 also has a payload of 22,000 lbs.

Paus Universa 50 mine utility vehicle-platform (3) - edit.jpg

Universa 50-4

The Uni 50-4 is the largest of the Paus utility vehicles. It boasts a payload of 33,000 lbs.

Paus TSL - miscellaneous applications (6).JPG

853 TSL

The combination of articulated steering and a pivot-able boom guarantee unmatched maneuverability of Paus Telescopic Swivel Loaders. With the hydraulic quick change system, attachments can be changed with the push of a button without the operator having to leave the cab.

Paus 1253 TSL underground utility vehicle with rotary head cutter attachment.JPG

1253 TSL

The larger 1253 Telescopic Swivel Loader operates in a similar fashion to its smaller counter part, but is roughly 5 feet longer and 1 foot taller and wider.