Mining Scalers

Paus's Mine Scaling Equipment, a fundamental part of the substantial NPK underground mining equipment line, use a combination of a turret-mounted boom and articulated steering to provide unmatched maneuverability. Scalers are also equipped with a dozer blade on the front for clearing debris while scaling.

Paus 853 S8 mining scaler - GH2 scaling hammer.jpg

853 S8

The smallest of the Paus Underground Scalers is the 853 S8 which has an approximate reach of 26’ 3”. Hydrostatic drive not only allows for rapid movement underground but sets new benchmarks in terms of safety and serviceability.

Paus 1253 S10 mining scaler with PH2 hammer pick - Mississippi Lime (5).jpg

1253 S10

The 1253 S10 Mining Scaler is built in a similar fashion to the 853 S8 above, but is moderately larger. It boasts an approximate vertical reach of 32” 10”.

Paus Universa 50-4 underground scaler (1).jpg

Universa 50-4

The Universa Scaler is the largest of the three base vehicles and has a hydrodynamic drive system rather than hydrostatic. The approximate vertical reach for the Universa Scalers is 27’ 11”.