Paus Celebrates 50 Years!!

Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik celebrated their 50th anniversary at their International Dealer Conference at the end of October! 

The event took place at the founding location in Emsbüren, Germany.  Customers, suppliers, and representatives from political groups, associations, and the media gathered together for the celebration.  During the day on Thursday, October 25, Paus offered tours of the factory and specialists gave speeches providing attendees with interesting insights into the current product lines and future projects.  The evening’s event was more casual and allowed for the exchange of ideas among the international dealer community.

The following day, the anniversary celebrations continued with over 300 guests from industries across the board:  construction, mining, lift technology, industrial vehicles, as well as political groups and the press.  The company was founded in 1968 by Hermann Paus with just a handful of employees.  Today Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik has developed into a company with over 250 employees and an international reputation for high quality, innovative underground products. 

Guests were greeted by second generation managing directors, Franz-Josef and Wolfgang Paus, who have continued managing operations since their father’s retirement in 2002.  The pioneering achievements of Hermann Paus and his wife Agnes, sometimes accompanied by adventurous challenges for both the company and the family, were shown in a moving short film.  "I would have loved to blow up the company," said Agnes Paus about the time her husband stayed in Moscow during Christmas 1984 to secure a job.

Several of Paus’ business partners offered thoughts and feelings about their relationship with the company over time. 

  • Valery Kirienko, representative of Belaruskali in Belarus, paid tribute to the long-standing business relations between the potash producer and the Emsbüren-based company. 

  • The guiding principle "The People Who Care…" runs through the entire company.  The entrepreneurial life achievement of Hermann Paus is also evident in Paus’ second generation through the innovative thinking of company leadership, according to District Administrator, Reinhard Winter.

  • Peter Gerstmann, CEO of Zeppelin Baumaschinen GmbH in Munich, also took up the "The People Who Care…" motif.  It describes the core of Paus as a professional problem solver and partner.  Paus has consequently made a name for itself both nationally and internationally, so said Gerstmann.

  • "Competence, courage and willingness to change are part of Paus' recipe for success at the right location," said IHK President, Martin Schlichter.  Schlichter praised the efforts of the machine manufacturer in maintaining its exceptional technological know-how.

  • Thomas Brüggemann, Chairman of the Works Council, emphasized the cohesion and close ties of the staff to company management.  As a sign of solidarity, Brüggemann presented a globe created by the employees.  The globe stands on a column bearing the employees’ names.  "We can't end things if we all just talk here," Brüggemann quoted the senior boss, closing his brief contribution with an original touch.

Wolfgang and Franz-Josef Paus gave thanks to current and former employees for the company's excellent international reputation as a niche supplier at a high technical level.  "Without you all this would have been nothing, thank you very much and Glück Auf!” they concluded.  Glück Auf, roughly translating to good luck, is known as the miners' greeting in Germany - a nod to the wide range of Paus underground mining vehicles.  For a German miner, greeting somebody with this word means that you belong to and care for each other, and that you belong to the same family:  the family of all miners in the world.

NPK would like to extend our congratulations to Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik on an incredible 50 years in the industrial, construction, and mining industries and we wish you continued success in the years to come!


For more about Paus, visit them on the web!

Left to right:  Franz-Josef, Agnes, Hermann, and Wolfgang Paus

Left to right: Franz-Josef, Agnes, Hermann, and Wolfgang Paus

Guests from the 50 year celebration

Guests from the 50 year celebration

The globe with employee names presented by Thomas Brüggemann

The globe with employee names presented by Thomas Brüggemann