Personnel Transporters

An essential part of the NPK mining vehicle line, Paus personnel carriers offer an extensive variety of underground mining vehicles to transport personnel to, from, and within mines. Paus's exceptionally well-engineered Mining Personnel Carriers are available with a wide variety of configurations to suite any underground application. Service trailers are also available for the MinCa line for additional pull behind space.

Paus Minca 5.1 underground mine utility vehicle (1).jpg

Minca 5.1 PK

Paus MinCa vehicles are well-engineered for the transportation of passengers and materials and for special missions underground. MinCa 5.1s are diesel driven. Their payload is 2,600 lbs and they can transport up to 5 people.

Paus MinCa 18 - personnel carrier (1).jpg

Minca 18 PK

The larger MinCa 18 boasts excellent driving comfort resulting from innovative suspension, shock absorbers and oscillated axles. They have a payload of 4,400 lbs and can transport up to 18 people.

Paus Universa 40 mine utility vehicle - lubrication system-diesel, oil, water tank truck (1).jpg

Universa 40

The Paus Universa personnel carriers are articulated vehicles with a passenger cabin cassette. This cassette can either be fixed or as part of the Universa quick change system. The Universa 40 model can transport up to 12 people and has a payload of 13,200 lbs.

Paus Universa 50 Personnel Carrier - Russia (1).jpg

Universa 50

The larger Universa 50 model has the advantage of being able to support more cassette options than the smaller Uni 40. The Uni 50 can transport up to 22 people and has a payload between 22,000 and 33,000 lbs depending on configuration.