Rail Driven Machines

NPK's line of railway mining vehicles consists of two classes of rail driven machines from Paus: rail excavators - for rail-side ditch cleaning and rail mucking loaders - for clearing track lines.

Paus KRF 40 rail excavator  (2).jpg

KRF 40

The Paus KRF 40 Rail Excavator (Ditch Cleaning Vehicle) utilizes a boom-mounted bucket (or other attachment) for quick & simple cleaning of rail beds, drains and ditches to either side of the tracks.

KRF 40D diesel-driven Rail Mucking Loader


The Paus KRF 40D diesel-driven Rail Mucking Loader (Track Cleaning Vehicle) utilizes a front-mounted bucket to scoop and load rubble from the railway onto a conveyor belt that dumps the debris into a truck attached in the rear.

Paus KRF 40E.1 electric railway mucking loader  (1).jpg

KRF 40E.1

The Paus 40E.1 Rail Mucking Loader serves the same function as the KRF 40D above, but is powered by a direct-current electric motor rather than diesel.