Paus Dinting Machines, also referred to as Roadheaders, easily cut and grade in one operation, ultimately improving productivity. Dinting heads loosen uneven surfaces while the dozer blade levels the roadway simultaneously. Paus Roadheader handles rock hardness up to 80 MPa at a max depth of 500 mm, boast hydrostatic drive, and are available with sprinkler systems to minimize airborne dust.

Paus PSF 200 dinting machine (1).JPG

PTM 100

All Paus Roadheaders have a boom cylinder to extend the rotary head, but the PTM 100 also has a tool cylinder which allows it to extend an additional 3 feet horizontally.

Paus PSF 200 dinting machine (7).jpg

PSF 200

Though operation is similar to the PTM 100 above, the PSF 200 Roadheader is slightly smaller in size, but boasts a maximum traction force that is nearly double.